Monday, September 23, 2013

Promote C7 Development Efforts

If you can spare a few bucks for the cause, John Lewis is accepting donations for the purchase of an Acer C7 and other gear in his Coreboot+SeaBIOS project.  He's already come a long way in his quest to "open up" Chromebooks and is certainly deserving of our support.  If you'd like to have the option of using your  Chromebook as a more all-purpose laptop, he's definitely the horse to bet on in this race!


  1. schultz i have found a comment of your as name of steve zingman but your picture were there. i am following your blog for many months and still hope to get the links of the tools i need to flash as windows bios to acer c7 and install windows 7 or 8 as well a months ago the youtube side show they had able to install win 7 on that pc. i'm waiting for your help in this matter.

  2. The language barrier will be a challenge. People are still trying to get Windows 7/8 working with coreboot/SeaBIOS but I'm not one of them. At this point, I think it's unlikely that Windows will ever be fully functional natively on the C710. What you don't know from the YouTube video is that it required an external USB mouse & keyboard to do anything with it. And without working trackpad & keyboard, a laptop is pretty worthless.

    If a way can be found to flash the Acer AO756 BIOS on the C7, then Windows support is likely, otherwise, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on it. In my opinion, the C7 is seriously underpowered for Windows 7/8 anyway.

    Your best option at the moment is probably running Windows on a virtual machine (like VirtualBox, VMWare, etc.) from Linux, if you really really NEED Windows.

    I wish I could be more optimistic here, but people have been trying for a year now, and the C710 is probably about to be discontinued, so ...

  3. schultz

    i think i would better to use linux inspite of waiting for a windows bios on it. cause i too can't wait while a year have gone and no windows bios in the market.

    but i appreciate windows is better for me as i use it from dos 6.22 and as far i know linux don't give a support of CAD or 3D Max.

    i may prefer to use c7 on net only for surf but chrome os don't have a torrent downloader yet. utorrent is still developer mode and torrent surf is not on web, althogh youtube downloader none. so i'm using ubuntu 13.10 and there are many errors.

    thanks for your response.

    1. I think I understand. Are you using Chrubuntu or Crouton or something else? What kind of errors?