Friday, September 13, 2013

Acer Chromebook TNG

Looks pretty sexy, right?  No, I do not mean the guy in the background or the commentator.


  1. Lol yeah I got turned on by it lol jk Yeah but the computer looks nice, but I was looking forward for USB 3.0.......and it looks like they did eliminate some features like an Ethernet port and one less USB port.....

  2. vga port gone too...

    I'm just wondering the preformance....

    1. I don't put much faith in marketing hype, in general. I'll wait until "real people" have one & report their impressions. Intel claims a 15% improvement in performance, which experience tells me is barely noticeable.

      This model is sounding less like a Windows conversion (AO756 to C710) and more like a product specifically designed to hit a price point. Eventually, Chromebooks may all become more like the Pixel, with everything on the motherboard and no changeable components.

  3. well..
    i already got mine at a killer priced... and it is running slackware linux with chromeOS dual booting... so i'm happy.

    one day i was buying crap on ebay and saw the offer. 129 manufacturer refurbished and didn't even think about it.

  4. Hmm ... I don't think I ever got anything Slackware-based to work. Any tricks involved?

    Yeah, the prices at that Acer Outlet jump all over the place - back up to $169.99 today. I'd jump on another one at your price, but $30 off on a refurb with a 90 day warranty ... nah.

  5. well..
    i live in panama city (republic of panama) where the chromebook hasn't been market yet. so i got something pretty unique around here..

    sales taxes where like 10 bucks and shipping from my miami pobox worthed like 17...

    truth to be told, i was going to buy a samsung arm based one.. but the price beat me.

    back to slackware based thing.. not really

    slackware has the "slackpkg script" to manage packages. The beauty of it is it's simplicity...
    on a salckware running machine, i ran the "slackpkg --root /dev/sdxx" thing ( --root /dev/sdxx specify where to install the packages) and that was about it.

    in fact, i used your method to pass the kernel onto the usbkey and loaded a minimal linux install from there... then ran the slackpgk script to install slackware tree on sda7.

    I'm still having the pending task of passing slackware kernel to partition 6 and test... after all, slackware current is runingI understand your frustation..
    3.10.12 wich is supposed to have chromeOS support... the idea is to sign the kernel, but i've been bussy doing some other stuff (business)

    i'll report as soon as i have something.