Sunday, September 8, 2013

C7 Default Firmware

I should also report that the default firmware for the C7 (contained in the recovery image) also has "the hack" enabled.  Given the CrOS developers consistent refusal to help anyone bypass the 30 second delay at the scary boot screen, I'm guessing that this may have been how it was discovered.

One consequence of "the hack" is that with only a 1.5 second pause at the scary boot screen, it's rather difficult to boot from USB.  It can still be done, but you've got to be quick.


  1. You know what I applaud these CrOs developers they making working with Linux fun, painful, and enjoyable.......can't wait for the new Acer Chromebook :)

  2. It does look interesting and improved battery life is always appreciated, but it looks a lot thinner and weights < 2.2 lbs (1 kg). Given these facts(?), I fear we may lose upgradeable components for the sake of portability. Whether that's a good trade-off depends on your priorities, I guess.